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Rogan Art

Domain:Traditional craftsmanship

State: Gujarat


The video is a documentary on the art of rogan painting. The film looks at the art of oil painting on cloth which is practised in the district of Gujarat. In the tiny village of Nirona in the Navtarana tehsil this art survives in the various households which cater to this craft. The film specifically focuses on the Khatri family which has honed the craft for more than three centuries. The family is credited with popularizing the craft at the national and international level. The word 'rogan' comes from the Persian word for oil, thus the oil-base for the painting comes from the seeds of castor oil. The rogan paste once prepared is mixed with various colours and is laid on cloth with the help of a stylus. No prior design or layout is made on the cloth, the patterns and designs are created by the artisan on the go.