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  • Rampur Raza Library
  • Rampur Raza Library

Rampur Raza Library

Records Available In:Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi and Turkish


The Rampur Raza Library is one of the important libraries of South Asia. Besides works relating to different religions and traditions, it is a treasure house of Indo-Islamic learning and arts. This library was founded by Nawab Faizullah Khan in 1774. The Nawabs of Rampur were great patrons of learning and the learned ulema, poets, painters, calligraphers and musicians enjoyed their patronage. After the Independence of India and merger of the state in the Union of India, the library was brought under the management of the trust, which was created on 6th April 1951. Professor Saiyid Nurul Hasan, former Minister of Education, Government of India, brought this library under an Act of Parliament on 1st. July 1975. It has 17000 manuscripts in Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Sanskrit, Urdu, Hindi and Turkish languages. Moreover, it possesses a good collection of paintings and palm-leaf manuscripts in various Indian languages. A collection of around 60,000 printed books in various Indian and foreign languages are also available.


Address: Hamid Manzil Qila, Behind Jama Masjid, Rampur, Uttar Pradesh 244901
Established: 1774
Institution Head: Shri Syed Hasan Abbas, Director
Hours: 10 am to pm (Friday closed)
Phone: 0595- 232- 5346